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Once Upon a Weasel

An illustrated picture book for clever kids and adults too! A boy with dreams of outer space buys a pet that disrupts a class field trip to the science museum and turns the place upside down.

  • For kids 4-8 and the adults who read with them

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“When I was a kid, I had a pet weasel.
I think that’s a rather unusual animal for a kid to have.
But I was a rather unusual kid.”

A boy’s imagination runs wild when he adopts an unconventional pet that sparks his imagination and helps bring his space travel fantasies to life. Back on planet Earth, problems arise when the weasel escapes during a class field trip and turns an entire science museum upside down. In trouble with his parents, the boy must figure out how to make things right—and how to keep pet he loves.

Filled with rich illustrations for younger kids and great vocabulary words for budding readers, Once Upon a Weasel is a picture book that parents and children can enjoy together. Ideal for kids 4-10 and the adults who read to them. Once Upon a Weasel is the first book in the World of the Weasel series from authors Salvo Lavis and James Munn and illustrator Dave Leonard. 


32 pages
Published November 2016
Printed in the USA

9780997798203 – Hardcover
9780997798210 – Ebook

“Energetic….Leonard’s fresh, cinematic cartooning has fun with the story’s flights of fancy.”
Publishers Weekly

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About World of the Weasel books

World of the Weasel presents picture books about a young boy and his pet weasel who injects excitement into the boy’s quiet life and helps stimulate his imagination. Filled with rich illustrations for younger kids and great vocabulary words for budding readers, our books are ideal for kids 4-10 and the adults who read with them.

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