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To the Moon! A Tribute

As we celebrate 50 years since the Apollo astronauts first stepped foot on the moon, we also celebrate the countless men and women whose imaginations propelled us there. A deep sense of awe and wonder about our universe is alive within us all—especially in kids.

The Boy in Once Upon a Weasel dreams of exploring a world much bigger than his own. And with the help of his pet Weasel, some of those dreams come to life. We salute all the dreamers out there, hoping everyone finds his or her inner Weasel that helps turn dreams into reality.

Read a preview of Once Upon a Weasel:

About our books

Book One

A Boy’s imagination runs wild when he adopts a pet Weasel that sparks his imagination and helps bring his space travel fantasies to life.

Book Two

When the Boy enrolls the Weasel in a pet obedience school, he learns both about the wild nature of weasels as well as himself.

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