Feathered Quill reviews Wild Wild Weasel

Amy Lignor at Feathered Quill book reviews weighs in on Wild Wild Weasel:

This definitely represents the excitement that only books can provide to a young imagination, and is a series that should end up on your child’s bookshelf!

Check out the full review on the Feathered Quill blog. Don’t forget — Wild Wild Weasel ships direct from Spitball Studio before it ships from Amazon on June 15th. Get your copy today!

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About our books

Book One

A Boy’s imagination runs wild when he adopts a pet Weasel that sparks his imagination and helps bring his space travel fantasies to life.

Book Two

When the Boy enrolls the Weasel in a pet obedience school, he learns both about the wild nature of weasels as well as himself.

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