Go WILD for the new World of the Weasel book!

The wait is over! It’s here at last! Step right up! We are absolutely WILD about our new book. And you will be too.

Wild Wild Weasel stars — who else? — the Weasel, the Boy, and some delightful surprise guests.

Oink, oink, oink

coo, coo…
bloop, bloop
[…and whatever sound rabbits make]

You won’t guess what fun they get into this time—and what the Boy discovers about his best friend, the Weasel. But you will LOVE this book!

Wild Wild Weasel will be available exclusively from World of the Weasel starting April 15, 2018. Pre-order now below!

Available on Amazon beginning June 15, 2018

Pre-Order from Spitball Studio – Shipping starting April 15th!

$15.95 + FREE shipping
• Signed by the authors & illustrator
• Best revenue share for the creators

Pre-Order on Amazon – Shipping June 15th:

Pre-Order on Amazon

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About our books

Book One

A Boy’s imagination runs wild when he adopts a pet Weasel that sparks his imagination and helps bring his space travel fantasies to life.

Book Two

When the Boy enrolls the Weasel in a pet obedience school, he learns both about the wild nature of weasels as well as himself.

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