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Written by Salvo Lavis and James Munn
Illustrated by Dave Leonard

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“Energetic…fresh, cinematic cartooning has fun with the story’s flights of fancy.”
-Publishers Weekly

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About World of the Weasel

  • home page slider 1 When I was a kid
  • home page slider 2 I think thats a pretty unusual pet
  • home page slider 3 But I was a pretty unusual kid

“When I was a kid, I had a pet weasel. I think that’s a rather unusual pet for a kid to have. But I was a rather unusual kid.”

Thus begins Once Upon a Weasel, the story of a misfit boy who buys a secret pet that sparks a series of fantasy adventures where the two travel through space and dream of living on the moon. Back on planet Earth, trouble arises when the boy’s pet escapes during a class field trip and turns an entire science museum upside down.

Once Upon a Weasel is the first book in the World of the Weasel series from authors Salvo Lavis and James Munn and illustrator Dave LeonardWild Wild Weasel is coming in spring 2018.

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