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Book One

A lonely young boy befriends a pet weasel, unlocking his imagination. But soon a trip to the planetarium results in chaos at the science museum when the weasel comes along!

Book Two

When the Boy enrolls the Weasel in a pet obedience school, he learns both about the wild nature of weasels as well as himself.

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New to World of the Weasel? Watch co-authors Salvo Lavis and James Munn read Once Upon a Weasel on Shira’s Story Corner. Then get a special discount code on any order from our website!

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About World of the Weasel

When I was a kid I had a pet weasel

“When I was a kid, I had a pet weasel. I think that’s a rather unusual pet for a kid to have. But I was a rather unusual kid.”

Thus begins Once Upon a Weasel, the story of a misfit boy who buys a secret pet that sparks his imagination. Once Upon a Weasel is the first book in the World of the Weasel series from authors Salvo Lavis and James Munn and illustrator Dave LeonardWild Wild Weasel is the second book, which came out in 2018.

L to R: co-authors James Munn and Salvo Lavis, and illustrator Dave Leonard
L to R: co-authors James Munn and Salvo Lavis, and illustrator Dave Leonard

We’re three friends who love classic cartoons and the way that folks young and old can enjoy them together. We hope to bring that same energy and excitement into our books!

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